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Nice Thing Going is the solution to modern brand marketing challenges.

You've come to the right place if


You’re about to launch something completely new and aren’t sure where to start


You want to amplify performance around an existing brand or product


You’re looking to supplement your team with additional marketing expertise

Nice Thing Going believes that a creative idea is only as good as its roadmap to execution, which is why we always prioritize both from the outset. The unique alchemy of our combined experience allows us to offer our clients this combination of left-brain imagination and right-brain strategy. It also helps us understand exactly what brands need – oftentimes before they even know themselves. We’ve designed our menu of services to capitalize on that.

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Our packages fall into 3 distinct buckets based on where you’re at


The Launch Package

To generate maximum buzz around a new launch or release.

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Here at Nice Thing Going, we get really excited about first impressions. If you’re an entrepreneur in the process of launching your start-up or a marketing leader at a company gearing up for a new release, we’re guessing you do too. As exciting as they are, though, first impressions can also be kind of overwhelming. The stakes are high! There’s a lot to figure out, and a bunch of questions that need to be answered upfront in order to confidently move forward. That’s where our Launch Package comes in – a tried-and-true, customizable blueprint to achieving your launch marketing goals. From Audience Persona Development and Journey Mapping to Concept Development and Execution Strategy, this package is designed not only to make your launch as successful as possible, but also to establish a buildable foundation for future growth – and we’ll be there to guide you through all of it.

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The Supercharge Package

To amplify the impact around an existing initiative.

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Our Supercharge Package is like a sprinkle of cayenne. A shot of espresso. A megaphone on a rooftop. It’s designed to amplify whatever you have going on, to make it resonate more widely, loudly, and successfully with the right audience – in a way that’s actually easy to sustain. Depending on your needs, this package runs the gamut from Brand Marketing Audits to new Content Franchise Development to Collaboration Proposals, with the intention of identifying key learnings from past performance and using them to inform where you go next. Throughout this process, our mission will be to cut through the noise, experimenting with new mediums and bold, culturally relevant ideas to help you shake things up the smart way.

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The Advisory Package

To provide goal-oriented support over an extended period of time.

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If you’re feeling creatively burnt out or lost and regularly fantasize about having some additional brains to pick other than your own – hi, it’s nice to meet you. We get it, and we’d love to help. With our Advisory Package offering, we’ll essentially function as your collaborative thought partners, enhancing the existing company ecosystem with fresh marketing expertise first and foremost, but also moral support and pep talks. Depending on your needs, we can help with everything from tackling specific challenges to brainstorming creative ideas to making introductions to relevant people in our network. Between the three of us, we have a breadth of experience to contribute that includes triumphs, failures, missed opportunities, projects we’ll never forget, and some we wish we could. We’ll be candid with you about all of it, and singularly invested in helping you achieve the goals we set together.

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We’ve worked with many brandS...

  • Gucci

  • Dior

  • Harry's

  • Bumble

  • Supergoop

  • Hunter

  • Net-A-Porter

  • Squigs

…and have a keen awareness of emerging trends and creative talent that we can tap depending on your needs.


Harling Ross Anton

Harling Ross Anton A content strategist and perennial wordsmith, helping brands tell stories about who they are and why they matter.

Jasmin Aujla

Jasmin Aujla A brand partnerships and sales expert with extensive experience building revenue-driving strategies, managing projects end-to-end, and delivering excellent client service.

Matt Little

Matt Little An expert in operations and business development, bringing a pragmatic, big-picture perspective to nuanced marketing challenges.

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